America's Army Matchmaking, Stat Tracking Site Launched

The US Army and Pragmatic Solutions have announced the beta release of the Leverage Master Browser for America’s Army (AAMBS) webs...
The US Army and Pragmatic Solutions have announced the beta release of the Leverage Master Browser for America’s Army (AAMBS) website, an official server match-making and stats tracking site for recruitment-related 'serious game' America’s Army. Pragmatic Solutions worked with the U.S. Army to develop the in-game AABrowser, which was officially launched on February 9, 2006 in America’s Army: Special Forces version 2.6.0. This addition added a server browsing tool to the game client, as well as a server tracking backend for game servers. With the launch of this companion website, gamers are offered an easy-to-access, near real-time view into active game play. "The Leverage Master Browser System is the next step in providing a seamless transition into game play for the community,” commented Peter Jakl, CEO of Pragmatic Solutions. “By powering a web-based tool that communicates directly with the in-game server browser, we've created a superior tool for gamers, one that draws its potential from advanced database-driven technology. We are committed to further enhancing the site so that it becomes the gold standard for America's Army and other titles." Players, teams, and clans can also access validated server stats with increased flexibility and accuracy through the new site's attribute-based search engine. Users can simultaneously filter their searches using multiple criteria, such as average honor, geographical location, and server player count, thus creating results driven by the player’s interests. Other features such as heads-up display by geography and map and a 24-hour “Worldplay” graph that shows percentages of players by country provide a comprehensive snapshot of gameplay. Future planned enhancements include: voice over IP, instant messaging, and game launch directly from the website.

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