Best of FingerGaming: Q?pid, Battle Blasters

We round up the week's top news and reviews from sister iPhone site FingerGaming, this time covering Q Entertainment's quirky Q?pid, Battle Blasters, and Mushihime-sama Gaiden.
[We round up sister iPhone site FingerGaming's top news and reviews for Apple's portable games platform, as written by editor in chief Danny Cowan and authors Mathew Kumar and Jonathan Glover.] This week, FingerGaming highlights recent releases like Little Guy Games' Battle Blasters and Q Entertainment's rather quirky Q?pid. In addition, the site checks out the top paid and free App Store games of the last week, as well as the highest-grossing titles, and reviews the vehicle-based platformer Jet Car Stunts. Here are the top stories from the last seven days: - Top-Grossing Game Apps: Trenches, Skee-Ball Climb the Charts "Thunder Game Works' Trenches and Freeverse's Skee-Ball see a big sales week, despite being priced significantly lower than other competing titles. Both games outperform Gameloft's former chart champion FPS N.O.V.A., which drops to seventh place." - Q Entertainment Ignites Passion with Q?pid: Finger Puzzle "Two players must touch and drag multiple points on the iPhone's screen simultaneously. This obviously works better if both players are very close together, and there's bound to be lots of accidental (and non-accidental) touching as two pairs of fingers contort to meet the game's challenges." - Shooter/Fighter Hybrid Battle Blasters Premieres in App Store "Combining elements from arcade games like Discs of Tron and Windjammers, Battle Blasters puts one character at the bottom of the screen and another at the top. Players must dodge incoming attacks from the other character while firing off energy beams of their own." - Top Free Game App Downloads for the Week "Today's top free download in the App Store is iDrag Paper Free, a toilet paper unrolling simulator that has earned a devoted following over the past few weeks. Donut Games' Jungle Crash Land follows at second, as last week's top title Glow Hockey Free falls to third place." - Review: Jet Car Stunts "I've never found tilt-to-turn iPhone/iPod touch racing games to be that intuitive, but Jet Car Stunts fixes that problem by placing an overlay similar to an altitude indicator on the screen. It's a fantastic addition, one that means you're always intimately aware of your bearing, and that the controls feel as good as they possibly could." - Bullet-Hell Shooter Mushihime-sama Gets iPhone Spinoff "Mushihime-sama Gaiden: Bug Panic features the same characters and graphic style as the original Mushihime-sama arcade games, but its gameplay more closely resembles an overhead-view twin-stick shooter." - Top-Selling Paid Game Apps for the Week "Glow Hockey takes fifth place after its free version saw a recent surge in popularity. Paper Toss: World Tour also reaps the benefits of having a popular free edition, as The Game of Life overtakes former chart champion Cartoon Wars: Gunner." - iShoot Developer Releases Kim Rhode's Outdoor Shooting "Indie developer Ethan Nicholas made headlines last year with the release of iShoot, a Scorched Earth-styled artillery sim that earned more than $800,000 in its first five months of release. Nicholas hopes to repeat his previous success with his latest title, the 3D hunting sim Kim Rhode's Outdoor Shooting."

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