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Supercell returns to GDC to dive into 'Clash of Clans' universe

Supercell will cover the growing 'Clash of Clans' Universe and its move to social gaming with 'Everdale' in a series of exciting GDC sessions.

Game Developer, Staff

February 9, 2022

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Finnish game dev Supercell continues to make history with its massively successful free-to-play mobile game Clash of Clans. Now, the studio is returning to GDC 2022 to give an in-depth look into the creation and expansion of the Clash Universe—along with its move into social gaming with Everdale.

Join the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this March to check out "Expanding an IP: Case Study Clash of Clans Universe." During this session, Supercell artists Aleksei Kalibin and John Cipriani will take a deep dive into the Clash Universe, revealing the qualities of the Clash IP and how gameplay, marketing, and art drove its expansion.

Beginning with the game that started it all, this talk will illuminate what decisions went into making the IP and how it was redefined from its blocky beginnings. From there, Aleksei and John will move onto covering Clash Royale, Clash Mini, and Clash Quest—which have each put their own twist on Clash of Clans by focusing on different areas of expansion.

"Expanding an IP: Case Study Clash of Clans Universe" is a perfect session for those looking to expand their knowledge of IP development and how to successfully grow their IP—along with folks interested in the Clash Universe.

For the programmers and game designers at GDC, there's "From Clash of Clans to Everdale: Scaling from Solo to Social." Supercell Oy senior programmer Tristan Williams will walk attendees through the journey and challenges of building the technology for one of Supercell's newest games, Everdale—a game that evolved from a fork of the Clash of Clans codebase.

Unlike Clash of Clans, where players can only see one village at a time, in Everdale every player in the valley can see what every other player is doing in real time, and can even collaborate on projects to build their shared community. Tristan will show attendees some of the interesting technical and design challenged they faced during development, and the interplay between game design and technology.

These sessions are available for All-Access and Core pass holders. There's more exciting Supercell news to come—but only one way to experience it all. Register for GDC 2022 today!

GDC returns in-person to San Francisco, March 21-25, 2022—registration is now open! For more information on GDC 2022, including our virtual options, be sure to visit our website and follow the #GDC22 hashtag on social media.

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