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Here are the charming indie games you'll play at the GDC 2018 Mild Rumpus

Warm and welcoming indie game collective Wild Rumpus returns to GDC 2018 with games like Nour, Hypnospace Outlaw, Palmystery and more!

February 13, 2018

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With the Game Developers Conference just weeks away, we're excited to announce that indie video game showcase collective Wild Rumpus is returning for GDC 2018 to welcome attendees as friends and celebrated guests in their 'Mild Rumpus' game lounge.

A small oasis amid the hustle and bustle of next month's exciting conference, the Mild Rumpus promises to be a relaxing island of calm where GDC 2018 attendees can take a quick break from their action-packed GDC week.

Visitors to this welcoming island will also have the chance to check out a fresh, hand-picked selection of independent games, and they may even have the opportunity to see a live talk or performance from one of the games' talented designers. 

For more details on the Mild Rumpus interactive space at GDC 2018 and its list of games, check out the official website or stop by the space itself on the third floor of the West Hall of San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center during GDC itself.

And here are the games you can expect to play at Mild Rumpus during GDC 2018:

Small Talk

Creators: Gabrielle Genevieve – Artist, Chris Chappelear – Programmer, Emily Meo - Sound Designer

An interactive game based on a party at the end of the world.

Original Hill Farming

Creators: Tijmen Tio from sokpop collective featuring sfx by Almut Schwacke, music by capt beard, color palette by Menno Stas

A chill roguelike farming game.


Creators: Thomas Newlands

A textural adventure game focused on meditative close looking. Players traverse a gentle landscape by uniting deformations in its surface.


Creators: Animated and programmed by Paloma Dawkins Featuring a scene with art by Keith Jones Music by Neo Edo, Karneef (Snowboarder), Cody Walker Mac: Featuring Young Ascension Hypnosis "Aphrodite Affirmations" PC: Featuring Aya Avalon "The Garden"

Palmystery is a cartoon 2.D stream of consciousness game about getting lost in a world of disarticulated ghost hands. Animated and programmed by Paloma Dawkins. Embark on a journey to meet Time Lord Fluffy in the prison of drooping clocks, be hypnotized by a deer in a chill crystal garden, and chase a pink fella through a field of dancing shrubs. Palmystery: putting the 'abs' into 'absurdity' since never because this is actually a game about hands.

Cybertwee HQ

Creators: Alexis Anais Avedisian, Becka Saville, Carolyn Tripp, Corie Denby McGowan, Emily Mulenga, Ethan Tate, Evan Fusco, Gerard Olivier (HELLCOM),  Hana Aoake + Mya Middleton,  Ian Honare,  Jaana-Kristiina Alakoski,  Jasmine Nyende,  Jessica Dolence, Lauren Helena May Pelc-McArthur, manuel arturo abreu, Miriam Poletti, Ragna Rök Jóns, Rebecca Richards, Reed Hex, Sarah Rooney, Tobias Williams

The c̟y͑b̊e̟rtweͤe HQ* is a gallery shooting sugar-spun filaments into the virtual world. Navigate a serene island nestled in the middle of a gleaming mirrored sea under a brilliant night sky. Here you will find a collection of digital works in a vibrant 3d gallery. what if cyberpunk had a younger sister that was secretly better at coding?

A Museum Of Dubious Splendors

Creators: Studio Oleomingus

A Museum of Dubious Splendors is a storybook from the world of Somewhere. A quiet game about prosaic objects and spurious histories, it is an irreverent rumination on the nature of an archive and forms of recollection.

Hypnospace Outlaw

Creators: Tendershoot, Mike Lasch, ThatWhichIs Media

Hypnospace Outlaw is an alternate reality internet simulator in which players assume the role of Enforcers, digital janitors who crawl through a network of surreal webpages to report unruly users, download questionable shareware, and unearth deeply buried digital secrets.


Creators: Developer: Tj Hughes @_Teejay5Sound Design: Marc Straight @marcstraightMusic: Fluke Nukes @flukenukes

In a post-soylent world, we tend to forget how much of a luxury food is. Nour is an experimental food art game with no goals or objectives, just have fun while you play with your food as if you're a kid again. 

So stop by and check these games out while you're at GDC this year! 

For more information on GDC 2018, visit the show's official website, or subscribe to regular updates via Facebook, Twitter, or RSS.

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