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'Forspoken' new graphics features explored in GDC 2022 session

This Advanced Graphics Summit session will dive into the incredible new graphics features for this Sony PS5 and PC title.

Game Developer, Staff

February 4, 2022

2 Min Read

The upcoming Square Enix game Forspoken is making waves for its open-world fantasy story, as well as its gorgeous graphics. This Advanced Graphics Summit session at GDC 2022 will dive into the new graphics features for this Sony PS5 and PC title.

"New Graphics Features for Forspoken" is an exciting session happening at the Game Developers Conference next March. During this session, Luminous Productions programmer Keiji Matsuda will go through the new graphics features and workflow improvements for Forspoken, a May 2022 game about a New Yorker named Frey who's magically transported to the fantasy land of Athia.

Keiji will cover the fundamental improvements implemented for Forspoken, and the creative approaches that were used to improve graphics precision for an open-world game. This includes global illumination initiatives, ray-traced shadow, and ambient occlusion that work in coordination with rasterization. The talk will also introduce the LOD automatic generation workflow that was designed to help artists improve their work efficiency, along with the benefits and challenges it entailed.

"New Graphics Features for Forspoken" will be available for All-Access and Summits pass holders. This Advances Graphics Summit session is ideal for graphics programmers, as well as students interested in pursuing a career as a graphics programmer.

Join us at the Game Developers Conference to get an early look at Forspoken and explore how they made its open world look so incredible. Register for GDC 2022 today!

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