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Zoo Entertainment 3rd Quarter Revenues More Than Double Over 2009

Zoo Entertainment announced Q3 revenue up 105 percent to $17.6 million and profit up to $314,000, finding success with a number of licensed Wii & DS licensed games, and planning downloadable expansion.

Kyle Orland, Blogger

November 11, 2010

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Game publisher Zoo Entertainment announced today that revenues for the fiscal quarter ended September 30 were up an impressive 105 percent to $17.6 million, finding success with a number of licensed Wii & DS licensed games. The expanded revenue helped turn a loss for the company at this point in fiscal 2009 into a profit of around $314,000 for the quarter, up from a significant loss in the previous year. In an earnings report released today, Zoo highlighted that these revenues have been spread broadly across the 32 games the company has released so far this year, with no single game accounting for more than 10 percent of the company's revenues. The company expects to release 26 more games in the holiday quarter, and predicted licensed Wii and DS titles including Minute to Win It, Shawn Johnson Gymnastics Challenge, Matthews Bow Hunting andSilly Bandz would attract increased shelf space and drive a significant portion of its annual revenue during the holiday period. "Relative to 2009, we are well positioned for the 2010 holiday selling season," said Zoo CEO Mark Seremet. "Sell-in is where we expected it to be and we are optimistic that, similar to last year, Zoo will attract its fair share of holiday spending from value oriented consumers." Zoo also announced today that its indiePub Games label has already lined up 12 digital releases for 2011, including Team Hitbox's DustForce, which won the publisher's third annual Independent Game Developers Competition at GDC Online last month. The label will also be publishing downloadable console versions of previous indie competition winner Auditorium later this month. "We believe we are generating great new content and building new relationships with independent game developers through the [indiePub Games] site," Seremet said. "We expect indiePub Games will begin contributing to revenue in the fourth quarter of 2010 and make a meaningful contribution to revenue and profitability in 2011 and beyond."

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