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Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII To Launch In Asia

Microsoft will release a version of Final Fantasy XIII for Xbox 360 in Asian territories, a move that, with language undecided, potentially opens the door for Japanese users to import and play the title on their Xbox 360 systems.

Leigh Alexander, Contributor

August 5, 2008

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Final Fantasy XIII is coming to Asia. Microsoft's announcement of the former PlayStation exclusive for Xbox 360 in North America was one of the most buzzed-about events at E3 despite the notable absence of Japan's inclusion in the multiplatform decision, but the title will reportedly release on Xbox 360 in Taiwan and other Asian territories. According to foreign media reports deciphered by consumer game blog Kotaku, Microsoft Taiwan made the announcement during its Taipei exhibition, although which localized version will be launched for the Asian territories remains to be decided. Nor has the language been decided, said Microsoft Taiwan's Entertainment and Devices Division head Grace Chou. Kotaku correctly notes that Japanese Xbox 360 users would be able to import the Asia version unless it's region-locked. The Asian release of FFXIII could use Japanese language format with the option of Chinese, Korean or English subtitles; alternatively, it could use the English language version with the option of Chinese or Korean subtitles.

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