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WiiWare Adds Major League Eating, VC Gets Donkey Kong 3, Ninja Commando

As part of its weekly update, Nintendo has released one new title, Major League Eating: The Game from developer Mastiff, to its WiiWare service. The Virtual Console is also receiving NES platformer Donkey Kong 3 and Neo Geo shoot’em-up <

Eric Caoili

July 14, 2008

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Nintendo has updated its North American WiiWare shop with one new title, Major League Eating: The Game from developer Mastiff (pictured). The company has also added NES platformer Donkey Kong 3 and Neo Geo shoot’em-up Ninja Commando to its Virtual Console offerings. Major League Eating: The Game offers 12 different foods for players to devour while they compete against other major-league eaters from around the world. In addition to consuming as much food as possible against the computer or other players, players will have several digestive attacks, defenses, and counters, including Mega Burp, Gas Attack, and Antacid. The game will also feature online support with leader boards and multiplayer battles using friend codes or random matchmaking. Originally released for the NES in 1986 and designed by Shigeru Miyamoto, Donkey Kong 3 replaces Mario with Stanleym, an exterminator protecting his greenhouse from Donkey Kong. Using only a can of spray, players must avoid swarms of insects and push Donkey Kong higher up the screen to the next level. Ninja Commando, which was developed by now-defunct studio Alpha Denshi Corp. (ADK), made its debut on the Neo Geo in 1992. This two-player vertically-scrolling shoot’em-up offers three different ninjas for players to choose from before battling through seven time periods, like the Stone Age and the Japanese Civil War area. Each hero has special ninja-arts attacks and a “shape of the beast” attack which can be executed after collecting three scrolls. The three games are are available for download on North America's Wii Shopping Channel, priced at 1000 Wii Points ($10) for Major League Eating: The Game, 500 Wii Points ($5) for Donkey Kong 3, and 900 Wii Points ($9) for Ninja Commando.

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