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Watch Gamasutra play Duskers with designer Tim Keenan

We talked with Duskers designer Tim Keenan about how he survived the process of making his own indie game, and how his game evolved from a tower defense game into a horror experience over time.

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

September 30, 2016

1 Min Read

What’s the secret sauce that makes a unique indie game?

Well if everyone knew it wouldn’t be a secret. And as developers have said time and time again, it’s not really one sauce recipe, it’s more like a billion possible recipes built on your own individual talents and circumstances. 

But still, when you’re making an unusual indie game, like Misfits Attic's Duskers, for instance, it’s worth being aware of some best practices that will help you shape a unique identity for your game. Are you trying to build out a game that’s about a certain kind of feeling, or are you trying to hone key features you think your players will enjoy? 

These are good questions to ask yourself, and the kind of questions Keenan talked about on our new weekly Twitch stream as we played Duskers for him. It’s worth a watch if you’re working on an indie game yourself, and especially if you’re struggling with the creative vision for your game. 

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