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Richard Branson’s Virgin Group has announced plans to launch 'A World of My Own,' a new games download service for the PC which it claims will become an iTunes for video games, with promises of high speed downloads and an online 3D interface.

David Jenkins, Blogger

February 12, 2007

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Richard Branson’s Virgin Group has announced plans to launch a new games download service for the PC which is designed to “replicate the functionality of iTunes” and offer downloadable PC games on demand. The service is to be run by subsidiary Virgin Games, which currently operates an online casino, and British company Game Domain International (GDI). The service will be named A World of My Own (AWOMO) and will apparently utilize a 3D community based interface, rather than the utilitarian designs currently favored by rivals such as Steam. Apart from the 3D interface, the key advantages of the system are claimed to be fast download speeds, greater security and improved ease of use for the customer. Thus far the only publisher announced as supporting the service is Koch Media. Branson commented of the deal: "This is a really exciting development for us, as it gives us the opportunity to do for PC Games what iTunes has done for music. The GDI technology will revolutionise how the mass market will play games, and will give them more choice for less money" Virgin Interactive was a major force in the British games industry in the 1990s, publishing the works of LucasArts, Westwood Studios, Shiny Entertainment and Capcom. After a period of decline though the subsidiary was sold to now defunct French publisher Titus Software in 1999 and renamed as Avalon Interactive.

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