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UK Independent Developer Games Faction Formed

<a href="http://www.gamesfaction.com/">Games Faction Limited</a> officially announced its existence to the world today, via a press release. Formed by British industry ve...

Frank Cifaldi

February 22, 2006

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Games Faction Limited officially announced its existence to the world today, via a press release. Formed by British industry veterans Lee Hickey and Malcom Reed (Deep Red Games, Infogrames, Gremlin Interactive), Game Faction's "aim is to develop and help bring high-quality independently developed games to market, by creating a complete value chain from innovative new funding methods through to marketing and online distribution." Games Faction's strategy, said the press release, revolves around financing independent development while retaining creative control, designing games specifically with an online distribution model in mind, targeting multiple platforms, and efficiently outsourcing asset creation. "They are interested in hearing from any games industry stakeholder with an interest in tackling these issues, specifically other independent games developers with an interest in collaborating on any stage of the value chain," said the press release. Hickey and Reed have had their hands in a wide variety of projects over the past seventeen years, including the Actual Soccer series, Monopoly Tycoon, Vega$: Make It Big, and the recently released Tycoon City: New York for Atari. Games Faction is already developing their first title, Morphid Brood (pictured), which is described as "a 3D real time strategy/puzzle game for PC."

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