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Twitch's new partner program aims to increase creators' revenue split

Following last week's backlash to plans for in-stream ads, Twitch introduces a new program to keep streamers paid and still on the platform.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

June 15, 2023

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Twitch is making another change to its revenue system for streamers. On October 1, the company's new Partner Plus program will allow qualified streamers to receive a 70 percent cut of their subscription revenue rather than the standard 50/50 split. 

In order to be eligible for Partner Plus, streamers must have at least 350 paid subscriptions over three consecutive months. Partners will automatically get enrolled in the program for 12 months, and will remain in it if that number decreases during the 12-month timeframe.

The move comes after Twitch came under fire last week for its plans to restrict what ads could be allowed on Twitch. Those plans would've involved banning in-stream (read: video, audio, and display) ads, and requiring that logos take up 3 percent maximum of a screen. 

Staying on Twitch

Streamers and community members alike heavily criticized these moves, after which Twitch reversed course. Even without Twitch expressly saying so, Partner Plus is an attempt to keep creators on the platform, as many of them threatened to leave Twitch entirely. 

Twitch added that qualifying streamers may be automatically re-entered into the program again after the 12 months end. Should a Partner's revenue during that enrollment time go over the $100,000 threshold that was established at the start of June, the payout will return to standard 50/50 Partner rate.

Streamers can automatically join Partner Plus on its October 1 start date by having 350 paid subscriptions each for the months of July, August, and September. 

For more information on what makes a streamer eligible for Partner Plus, and its additional caveats, Twitch has updated its FAQ.

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