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Tretton: PS3 To Sell 10 Million By March 2009, Despite Possible Shortages

SCEA CEO and president Jack Tretton says PlayStation 3 sales are 30 percent ahead of the company's predictions and well on track to reach its 10 million unit sales goal by its fiscal year-end in March 2009 -- even with possible shortages and a poor econo

Eric Caoili, Blogger

October 2, 2008

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PlayStation 3 sales are 30 percent ahead of SCEA estimates -- well on track to reach the company's 10 million unit sales target by the end of its fiscal year in March 2009, says president and CEO Jack Tretton. "We are in good shape for that number worldwide," says Tretton, according to a report from Reuters. He also claims that sales for the PSP are also 20-30 percent ahead of the Sony's target of 15 million units sold. Tretton maintains that the company's goals for the PlayStation 3 are well in sight even given potential impact from an uncertain economic climate. "We are tracking at 100 percent up over last year ... about 30 percent ahead of where we should be. So sales could slow down and we will still hit our number," he says. Though Tretton notes that product shortages could affect sales, he says such shortages would not be drastic. "I'd say we are able to meet somewhere between 80-90 percent demand, based on how things are trending," Tretton predicts.

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