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Traveller’s Tales Acquires Embryonic Studios

Officials from UK developer Traveller’s Tales (Lego Star Wars, Super Monkey Ball Adventure) have announced that the company has acquired fellow British developer Embryonic Studios, made up of veterans from Warthog (_Harry Potter and The Sorceror'

David Jenkins, Blogger

January 4, 2007

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Officials from UK developer Traveller’s Tales have announced that the company has acquired fellow British developer Embryonic Studios. Traveller’s Tales has recently become best known for the award winning Lego Star Wars games, but has a long history on working on licensed and original properties including Disney, Sonic the Hedgehog, Rascal and Crash Bandicoot. The developer was established in 1989 and currently employs one hundred and twenty staff. Most recently, Traveller's Tales, who most recently developed titles including Super Monkey Ball Adventure and Lego Star Wars II, acquired publisher Giant Entertainment in April 2005, forming the company TT Games Group as a result. Embryonic was formed in 2005 and employs twenty people at its Bollington offices in the North West of England. The studio was established by Nick Elms, one of the founders of handheld developer Warthog and the now defunct Digital Anvil. Like Traveller’s Tales, Embryonic's staff has primarily been involved in licensed video game titles, including Harry Potter and The Sorceror's Stone, Star Trek: Invasion, Looney Tunes Back in Action and Battlestar Galactica. Jon Burton from Traveller’s Tales commented on the acquisition, saying: “We are delighted to have completed the acquisition. Embryonic possess a very talented workforce that will help drive Traveller’s Tales on to further success.”

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