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Toy Industry Association Announces Its "Century of Toys List''

As part of the American International Toy Fair, which comes to New York City on February 16-19, the Toy Industry Association has announced its "Century of Toys List".

Game Developer

January 22, 2003

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The list catalogs the "most memorable and creative toys" over the the past century. While the focus on toys precludes coverage of videogames -- it includes activity sets, board games, dolls, ride-on toys, action figures, etc. -- it's an interesting to see which boardgames the TIA mentioned on the list, particularly from a game design perspective. Here are the boardgames the TIA honored, with the year of release, manufacturer at time of introduction, and current manufacturer: 1934: Sorry (Parker Brothers/Hasbro) 1935: Monopoly Parker Brothers/Hasbro) 1948: Scrabble (Selchow & Righter/Milton Bradley/Hasbro) 1949: Candy Land (Milton Bradley/Hasbro) 1949: Clue (Parker Brothers/Hasbro) 1956: Yahtzee (E.S. Lowe/Milton Bradley/Hasbro) 1960: Game of Life (Milton Bradley/Hasbro) 1965: Operation (Milton Bradley/Hasbro) 1966: Twister (Milton Bradley/Hasbro) 1967: Battleship (Milton Bradley/Hasbro) 1967: Ker Plunk (Ideal Toy/Mattel) 1971: Mastermind (Invicta Plastics/Pressman Toys) 1972: Uno Card Game (International Games/Mattel) 1974: Dungeons and Dragons (TSR/Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro) 1975: Othello (Gabriel Industries/Mattel) 1978: Hungry Hungry Hippos (Milton Bradley/Hasbro) 1978: Simon Electronic Game (Milton Bradley/Hasbro) 1982: Trivial Pursuit (Selchow & Righter/Hasbro) 1985: Scruples (Henry Makow/Hasbro) 1987: Pictionary (The Games Gang/Hasbro) 1993: Magic: The Gathering (Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro)1997: Bass Fishin' Game (Radica Games) 1997: Tamagotchi (Bandai) The full list of toys (which includes classic items like the Slinky, Play-Doh, Barbie, and the Frisbee) can be found at the TIA web site.

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