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Top iPhone Game Apps: Amateur Surgeon 2 Enters Top Ten

Sister site FingerGaming rounds up the week's most popular paid and free iPhone and iPod Touch games on the App Store, from Amateur Surgon 2 and Battle for Hoth to Train Conductor and more.

Danny Cowan, Blogger

November 16, 2010

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[Sister site FingerGaming rounds up the week's most popular paid and free iPhone and iPod Touch games, as current on the iTunes App Store.] This week's top paid iPhone game titles on the App Store, as captured on November 16th 2010, are as follows: 1. Angry Birds ($0.99) 2. Cut the Rope ($0.99) 3. Fruit Ninja ($0.99) 4. Amateur Surgeon 2 ($0.99) 5. Angry Birds Halloween ($0.99) 6. Star Wars: Battle for Hoth ($0.99) 7. Doodle Jump ($0.99) 8. Wheel of Fortune Platinum ($0.99) 9. Skee-Ball ($0.99) 10. Tetris ($2.99) Adult Swim's Trauma Center parody Amateur Surgeon 2 finishes as the App Store's fourth-best selling iPhone game in its debut week. Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and Fruit Ninja keep the top three chart spots for the second week in a row. THQ's Star Wars: Battle for Hoth makes a strong showing after recently dropping in price, as Sony's Wheel of Fortune Platinum returns to compete with longtime chart favorites Doodle Jump, Skee-Ball, and Tetris. Here are this week's top free iPhone games: 1. Train Conductor 2. Tiny Chef 3. Smurfs' Village 4. Touch Pets Cats 5. Texas Poker 6. Ragdoll Blaster Free 7. Drift Mania Championship 8. Redneck vs. Aliens Lite 9. Super Laser: The Alien Fighter 10. Bubble Shooter Free Hidden Sweet's Bubble Shooter Free boasts significant staying power, and emerges as the only returning title from last week's free iPhone game charts. Former top downloads Capcom Arcade and Super Marble Roll have since fallen out of chart range, while The Voxel Agents' railroad sim Train Conductor, Brooklyn Packet's restaurant management title Tiny Chef, and Capcom's free-to-play Smurfs' Village see a sharp rise in popularity. Ngmoco's Touch Pets Cats also finds chart success in its premiere week, as Texas Poker, Ragdoll Blaster Free, and Drift Mania Championship trail close behind.

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