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TheyerGFX Announces 3D Model Builder for Game Education

PlayStation and online game developer TheyerGFX has announced a new 3D learning solution for game education, including the software 3D Kit Builder, 3D Model Builder - Geometry Pack, and 3D Model Builder - Texture & Lighting.

July 30, 2007

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Author: by Beth A.

PlayStation and online game developer TheyerGFX have partnered and created a new 3D learning solution for schools and general game education overall with 3D Model Builder, designed to teach the language of PlayStation. TheyerGFX, which offers an online 3D Learning Program, has also developed a curriculum for its three phases of software: 3D Kit Builder, Geometry Pack, and Texture & Lighting. Mark Theyer, CEO of TheyerGFX, comments, "By teaching what PlayStation eats for breakfast, our students discover that 3D is fundamentally a triangle art. It all starts with a triangle. Not a box, a cylinder or a sphere. "The outcome," says Theyer, "is a keen awareness of what all 3D systems need to draw efficient, high quality 3D models. This gives them a solid knowledge base empowering them to move forward into professional modeling, animation and game programming careers.” For more information on the program, visit the 3D Model Builder website.

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