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The Art History of Games Symposium Announced

The Art History of Games, a three-day Atlanta-based public symposium, has announced its February 2010 event, including games and lectures from Jason Rohrer (Passage) and Gamelab co-founder Eric Zimmerman.

Eric Caoili, Blogger

November 20, 2009

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The Art History of Games, a three-day Atlanta-based public symposium investigating games as an art form, has announced its February 2010 event. Organized by Georgia Tech Digital Media and SCAD Atlanta, the event will take place February 4-6 at Atlanta's Woodruff Arts Center. Along with several talks and Q&A sessions, The Art History of Games will premiere three commissioned games from Jason Rohrer (Passage), Tales of Tales (The Path), and Eric Zimmerman (Gamelab co-founder and former CEO). The symposium will feature experts from the fields of "game studies, art history and related areas of cultural studies", like game designer and artist Brenda Brathwaite, who worked on the seminal Wizardry series, Jagged Alliance, and more. First-person shooter pioneer John Romero, known best for his work on Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake, currently EVP of MMO company Gazillion Entertainment, will present a talk at the event, too. Academic video game researcher, game designer, and educational publisher Ian Bogost is expected to speak as well. Other speakers for The Art History of Games include A Casual Revolution author Jesper Juul, Area/Code (Parking Wars, Spore Islands) co-founder and director Frank Lantz, and Stanford University's curator for the history of science and technology collections and film and media collections Henry Lowood. Also slated: John Sharp, professor in the interactive design and game development and art history departments at the SCAD; Christiane Paul, The New School media studies graduate programs director and media studies associate professor, as well as adjunct curator of new media arts at the Whitney Museum of American Art; and Michael Nitsche, digital media scholar and Georgia Institute of Technology assistant professor. You can find more information on the event, its slated speakers, and registration details on the The Art History of Games' official website.

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