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Thanksgiving Features/Interviews: What You Missed

Were you out for the Thanksgiving holiday at the tail end of last week? Gamasutra continued to post some fascinating features, including a look at 'feel in games', an interview with Id's Carmack and Kang, and a look at next-gen audio - top stories within.

November 26, 2007

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Were you out for the Thanksgiving holiday at the tail end of last week? Gamasutra continued to post some fascinating features, including a look at 'feel in games' and an article on designing sound for next-gen games, through the holiday. The three features posted on Gamasutra on Friday 23rd, Thursday 22nd, and Wednesday 21st November respectively were as follows: - Game Feel: The Secret Ingredient "Game designer and lecturer Steve Swink takes a close look at the "overlooked phenomenon" of game feel, referencing titles such as Super Mario 64, Zuma, and Donkey Kong in his intriguing quest to work out how designers can create a smoothly controlled digital game object." - Designing A Next-Gen Game For Sound "In this game audio article, sound designer Rob Bridgett (Scarface: The World Is Yours) discusses the key elements of next-gen audio - and just what sounding "as good as film" means in today's increasingly sophisticated market." - Postmortem: Freeverse's Marathon 2: Durandal "Developer Freeverse was the team behind the recent 'enhanced port' of classic Bungie title Marathon 2 to Xbox Live Arcade, and in this exclusive postmortem, the company's Mark Levin goes into detail on the trials and triumphs of updating a Mac classic to XBLA." In addition, there were a number of notable original news and interview pieces published on Gamasutra on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday last week, as follows: - Carmack, Kang Talk Id Mobile, Nintendo Love "Gamasutra sat down with Id Mobile's Anna Kang and Id's legendary John Carmack to talk about the Doom creator's new mobile endeavor, a planned Wolfenstein mobile/DS title, possibilities for a Wii version of Orcs & Elves, why Carmack has warmed to Nintendo platforms, and more." - Dyack Clarifies Quebec Subsidy Comments "Following up on his widely reported comments on Quebec's subsidies to game developers, Silicon Knights' Denis Dyack has released a clarifying statement to Gamasutra, explaining he was targeting long-term sustainability concerns, not subsidies themselves." - Q&A: Disney Online's Goslin Talks Pirates Online "Disney's Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise, given such a major jolt by the Johnny Depp-starring movie series, is also a PC-based online world - we talk to Mike Goslin, VP of Disney Online's VR studio about the just-launched project from the creators of Toontown Online." - MIT: Koster, Jenkins On 'Fan Labor', User-Generated Content "Gamasutra was at MIT’s recent Futures of Entertainment 2 conference, and a fascinating panel including game designer Raph Koster and moderator Henry Jenkins touched on the hot topic of user-generated content and “fan labor”: how to foster it, how to monetize it, and what a company owes the fans in return."

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