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TGS Exclusive: Yuji Naka's Prope Making a Sonic-Like Action Game

At the Tokyo Game Show, Gamasutra spoke with famed creator Yuji Naka, programmer for and creator of the original Sonic the Hedgehog games, who revealed that his company is currently working on a Sonic-like character action game.

Brandon Sheffield, Contributor

October 9, 2008

1 Min Read

Famed Sonic the Hedgehog creator and programmer Yuji Naka's new studio, Prope, has finally announced its first two titles, Let’s Tap! and Let’s Catch! -- but it seems the studio has something more complex in the works. "At Prope," Naka told Gamasutra, "we’re actually planning on making a game like Sonic right now. We want to keep trying to make various kinds of games." When asked for clarification, specifically whether Prope is actively making a character-based action title, Naka replied, "Yes, that’s what we’re making now." Let’s Tap!, which was playable on the TGS expo floor, is a rhythm title where players jostle the Wii remote in time to on-screen events -- disturbing the surface it's on rather than actually shaking it -- and has an extremely simple interface and concept. So while it's not focusing exclusively on simple games, Prope, which is now a studio of 40 people, has touted Let’s Tap! on its official website as a "game even a penguin could play." A longer interview with Yuji Naka will be available on Gamasutra at a later date, covering the origins of the Let’s Tap! project, Naka’s reasons for leaving Sega, and Japan’s fascination with penguins.

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