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TGS: Booth Round-Up - Capcom Faces Devil, Dead, Monster-s

Capcom's large booth at the 2005 Tokyo Game Show was filled out with a number of high-profile action titles, including major updates to some of the company's core Japanes...

September 17, 2005

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Author: by Simon Carless, Tokyo

Capcom's large booth at the 2005 Tokyo Game Show was filled out with a number of high-profile action titles, including major updates to some of the company's core Japanese and Western franchises. In particular, Monster Hunter 2 for PlayStation 2 was given a high priority on the Capcom stand - although the almost Phantasy Star Online-style co-operative hack and slash title was largely buried in the West, it was a significant hit in Japan, and the sequel looks visually impressive for the PS2, as well as offering some more Shadows Over Mystara-descended level-up action. In addition, Monster Hunter Portable is a well-executed PSP conversion of the franchise, with wi-fi team-up a must. In addition, Onimusha: Dawn Of Dreams, first previewed at E3, was showcased to significant attendee interest - but with Onimusha 3 drawing some quizzical looks, at least in the West, it's as yet unclear whether this is a true return to form for the series. The marginally enhanced Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition for PS2 also looked pretty, as did a long-overdue and somewhat extended conversion of Resident Evil 4, naturally called Biohazard 4 in Japan, for PlayStation 2. In fact, there were relatively little major surprises on Capcom's booth, with many titles already having been announced at E3, and with next-gen games, such as Biohazard 5 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and Devil May Cry 4 for PlayStation 3, showing only in cryptic video-based teaser trailer form. This doesn't mean to say that the line-up lacked punch, though - Capcom's already-announced Dead Rising for Xbox 360 was also amongst many people's favorites shown on the Microsoft stand, and the gorgeous inkblot-derived action game Okami for PlayStation 2, many people's pick for art game of E3, is looking even better than versions shown earlier in the year. Further down the list, there's a pair of low-profile Viewtiful Joe titles for portables, the fan-drool inducing Extreme Ghouls 'n Ghosts for the PlayStation Portable, with all-new levels, two classic Mega Man remakes for PSP in Rockman Rockman and Irregular Hunter X, and a number of notable foreign games, continuing Capcom's habit of licensing major Western titles such as the Grand Theft Auto series. This time, Sony's God Of War is the most prominent licensed game on the booth, but Capcom were also showcasing Midway's Psi-Ops and an entry in Activision's Call Of Duty franchise. Overall, Capcom's presence at TGS was well-rounded - as mentioned, the company's signature third-person action series were well-represented, and titles such as Monster Hunter 2 looked impressive, if not necessarily smash hits in the West. The PSP remakes and re-imaginings of classic Capcom franchises will also appeal to many, but the firm's lack of substantial new TGS announcements may have left some fans wanting more.

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