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Sweden Gets Its First Game Developer Recruiter

GameJobs.se recently launched in Sweden and is the country's first game developer recruitment agency.

Jill Duffy

September 6, 2007

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GameJobs.se, a new recruitment firm, recently launched in Sweden and is the country’s first game development-specific staffing agency. The Nordic countries account for a strong portion of Europe’s overall game industry, and in recent years the region has hosted its own professional conference, Nordic Game. The recruitment agency is being headed by industry veteran Marcus Legler, who commented in a press release, “A growing problem is how much energy is put in by the companies to find the right people. Time that could be used on so many better things, and I’m not talking about hanging out around the water cooler. GameJobs.se is the simple answer since companies only reach already qualified talented and skilled persons through us.” Legler adds, “I mean, after spending a good part of my life in this manic industry it is impossible not to know loads and loads of people, something which obviously is quite helpful in launching this. We’re primarily aimed at the Swedish/Nordic market but place people in Europe as well.” GameJobs.se is open for anyone in the games industry: from customer service and testing to marketing and game development. Unfortunately, the web site only exists in Swedish at the moment. For more information (if you read Swedish, that is) visit www.gamejobs.se.

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Jill Duffy


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