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Strong Week For Wii In Japanese Hardware Sales

With hardware sales otherwise generally static, the Wii has been the only console to see a significant increase in sales this week in Japan, with the DS down by over 4,000 units, and the PS3 still languishing in fifth place with less than 9,000 unit sales

David Jenkins, Blogger

June 8, 2007

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Market research firm Media Create has revealed data for weekly hardware sales in Japan for the week ending June 3rd, following details of the software top thirty yesterday. Although software sales showed the beginnings of a slow improvement after the lull of the post Golden Week holidays, hardware sales were largely static for the week. As usual, the Nintendo DS was both the top selling console and yet is still apparently supply constrained, with sales falling by over 4,000 to a total of 123,211 units. Nintendo’s Wii is also reportedly supply constrained, but has this week seen a large rise in sales of over 11,000 units to 69,748. With stock continually sold out in Japan, this rise is due to a small increase in availability, rather than the success of BioHazard 4 (aka Resident Evil 4) in the software charts. PSP sales held largely steady at 26,358 units for the week, with the PlayStation 2 up only a few hundred units to 11,814. With no software titles in the top fifty, the PlayStation 3 remained in fifth place, with sales falling by over 600 to 8,998 units in total. Despite the debut of Forza Motorsport 2 at number eleven last week, the Xbox 360 also had no titles in the top fifty this week, with sales up just 175 units to 2,219. Sales for the Game Boy Advance family of consoles fell by only slightly less to 573 units, and the GameCube dropped slightly to 226.

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