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The developer has detailed its "non-negotiable" rules for how BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and most other Arc System Works games can be streamed or otherwise shared in online videos.

Alissa McAloon, Publisher

June 1, 2018

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BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle dev Arc System Works has detailed the rules of how its upcoming game can be streamed, noting specifically that streaming anything from the game’s ‘Episode Mode’ campaign could result in Content ID claims or even channel strikes for offending streamers.

Streamers that share live gameplay on websites like Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer have become a massive force in the game industry. And while some developers have been able to harness that social power to elevate their own games, others remain wary. 

Of course, Arc System Works isn’t the first developer to impose heavy restrictions on what portions of its game can be live streamed or shared in videos online. Altus notably rolled out similar limitations for its single-player game Persona 5 last year, initially prohibiting players from sharing video from anything beyond the in-game date of July 7. Many other games block consoles’ built-in sharing features during cutscenes or certain moments as well.

Much like Atlus, Arc System Works explains that the streaming restrictions stem from the desire to keep the game’s story mode fresh for new players. 

“We want to give you the freedom to upload your amazing matches and online shenanigans. However, when it comes to story mode, that is where most of the restrictions and guidelines will reside. We want to make sure fans get to experience the Episode Mode with fresh eyes.”

While sharing short clips of early Episode Mode content or any ‘arcade’ style matches are perfectly acceptable under the guidelines, sharing longer Episode Mode clips or spoilers will likely result in a Content ID claim or potentially channel strikes or a full account suspension on the offending live streaming or video platform. 

The company notes that these rules shared to its website for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle apply “across the board” with Arc System Works games in addition to saying that the rules themselves are “non-negotiable with the powers that be.”

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