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The change, currently in beta, allows SteamVR users to build their own controller bindings for a wide variety of PC compatible controllers.

Alissa McAloon, Publisher

May 15, 2018

1 Min Read

SteamVR has introduced a new input system that allows users to create their own configuration setups for controllers used with SteamVR games.

With SteamVR Input, developers now have a way to include support for more controllers in their virtual reality titles without changing anything within the game itself and, as Valve notes, that support even extends to controllers that may not exist yet.

The new configuration options could also open up existing games to new players since SteamVR users can now create their own controller configurations, allowing players to create control schemes with their own physical ability or personal preference in mind.

The new utility, currently in beta, operates similar to Steam’s controller configuration options by allowing players to create their own button binding setups and share those configurations with other VR users. Developers have the option to set default configurations for certain controllers as well.

Valve notes that support for the new input system is built right into SteamVR, so the new configuration options will work with SteamVR games without any action from developers. More details on the technical aspects of the beta update itself can be found on SteamVR’s github directory.

The new input system also opens the door for hardware developers to create their own SteamVR-compatible controllers, something explained further on Valve’s GitHub.

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