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Google is purportedly offering its technology to Peloton, Bungie, and AT&T as a white-label product that would be renamed "Google Stream."

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

February 4, 2022

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The Google Stadia controller and logo

Google might be pivoting its Stadia brand away from consumers and more toward large publishers. The goal would be to license the game streaming technology under the name "Google Stream" to companies like AT&T, Bungie, Capcom, and maybe even...Peloton, the manufacturer of cycling machines?

That news comes from Insider, which spoke with sources familiar with Google's plans. Apparently the hope is that Google's (admittedly impressive) game-streaming technology would be more profitable as a white-label product that fuels cloud streaming sessions under the name of other companies.

Reportedly only about "20 percent" of Stadia's team is still working on consumer technology. 

AT&T publicly made use of this technology last October when it offered customers free copies of Batman: Arkham Knight that could be played via their browsers. Peloton apparently already has a game on its internet-connected cycling machines that makes use of the tech. 

Seeing Bungie and Capcom's names in Insider's reporting is very interesting. Bungie apparently has ambitions of letting players stream Destiny 2 and other games to browsers, while Capcom discussed a deal to stream game demos.

Companies seem to be keeping an eye on the potential of cloud streaming technology and what it means for the future of live service games. Mythical Games' recent acquisition of Polystream seems like there's broad interest in acquiring players who don't have high-end PCs or game consoles.

Might we be on the eve of a game streaming boom? Maybe OnLive had it right all along. 

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