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Sponsored Post: Autodesk And EA Tiburon Team Up For Game Developer Webcast

Game tools firm Autodesk is <a href= https://event.on24.com/eventRegistration/EventLobbyServlet?target=registration.jsp&eventid=232833&sessionid=1&key=76B4D7322FCF36F1F150B72887E4DA4F&sourcepage=register>presenting a webcast</a> on September 9th featuring

August 24, 2010

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Design software company Autodesk announced a Game Developer Webcast for September 9, featuring Simon Sherr, animation director at EA Sports MMA developer Electronic Arts Tiburon. EA Tiburon used Autodesk's HumanIK software for EA Sports MMA's animation systems, and Autodesk promises the webcast will address the game's use of "dynamic footplanting, non-uniform player scaling, interaction-based player scale compensation, and partial body 'relative IK' interactions." EA Sports MMA is a mixed martial arts fighting game in the vein of THQ's UFC series, featuring prominent MMA fighters including Fedor Emelianenko and Randy Couture, and will launch October 19, 2010 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. EA Tiburon's Sherr has experience working on other EA Sports titles such as Madden 2010 and NCAA 2009, and is one of the creators of the ANT animation system at EA, which uses the HumanIK software and is the animation engine for many of EA's upcoming titles. The one-hour webcast, moderated by Autodesk senior product marketing manager Mary Beth Haggerty, will broadcast online on September 9, 2010 at 10:00 AM PST. Those interested can register for the event now.

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