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Sony To Target Indian Market With Hanuman PS2 Game

Hoping to capitalize on the substantial Indian PS2 install base, Indian developer Aurona plans to release a game based on mythical figure Hanuman, the first PS2 title targeted directly at that market. Sony will bring the game to other limited territories

Chris Remo, Blogger

April 21, 2008

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Hoping to capitalize on the PlayStation 2's install base in the growing economy of India, development studio Aurona Technologies plans to develop a PS2 game featuring Hanuman, a key figure in Indian mythology. According to a Reuters report, the game will be produced at the company's Hyderabad, India offices. Traditionally, Aurona has provided development assistance and platform conversion services to external studios, but the Hanuman game will be an internal project. Said Sony Computer Entertainment Europe co-COO Jim Ryan of the announcement, "We are committing significant resources to growing the market for console games in India. We have chosen the Hanuman game as our first title specifically developed for the Indian market as the theme is an ever-popular one across the country." Aurona CEO Santosh Pillai corroborated Ryan's claims: "We are selected by Sony to develop their first game for the Indian market. Hanuman, as a character, offers infinite possibilities for game play development." Sony plans to make the game available in certain other regions of the world with significant Indian populations. Though the Hanuman game is intended for children and young teens, Aurona told Reuters it plans to expand its audience with further games targeting the 16-24 year old market.

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