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Sony Plans PS2's Networked Future

Sony is shedding light on Playstation 2’s online future at its Playstation Meeting 2001.

Game Developer, Staff

February 21, 2001

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The company is unveiling a number of network business initiatives in Japan that it hopes will draw new users and turn around flat PS2 software sales as Sony finally puts production problems to rest. The first new service is a connection between the game console and Japan's popular I-Mode mobile phone system allowing PS2 users to browse I-Mode sites on their TV screens. Japan’s 19 million I-Mode subscribers will also be able to manage their phone book and mail data and play I-Mode enhanced games. Sony has also announced that it has reached a general understanding with Sega and Namco that will bring a networked version of Playstation 2 to amusement centers and Playstation dealers in Japan. Sony plans to link the machines with a high speed network and offer massive online events in hopes of generating higher interest in advance of making high speed network gaming available to home users. The service will start in 2001 and become available across Japan in 2002. The company is also making moves to draw more games and services into the Playstation 2 network. Sony has developed the systems needed to enter into Playstation 2-based networking – including basic certificate and billing systems – and is making them directly available to Japanese game makers and service providers.

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