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Sony Officially Launches PlayStation In The Philippines

Gamers in the Philippines have been gaming on PlayStation hardware for years through importing, but only now can they officially buy PlayStation products within their borders.

Kris Graft, Contributor

March 29, 2010

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Sony Computer Entertainment Asia said Monday that it will officially begin PlayStation business operations in the Republic of the Philippines on March 29. This means that Sony Centre stores will begin carrying slim model PlayStation 3s with 120GB and 250GB hard drives, as well as PSP handhelds. 120GB PS3s will sell for PHP18,999 ($419), 250GB models will sell for PHP20,999 ($464) and PSPs will sell for PHP9,999 ($220). Gamers have been playing PlayStation products for years in the Philippines, but had to resort to importing hardware and games (or in many cases, pirating games). The Philippines is the ninth country and region in SCE Asia territories.

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