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Sony, NCSoft Announce Asian Rollout For EverQuest

NCSoft, a South Korean game developer and publisher, has struck a deal with Sony to manage the distribution of EverQuest in Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Game Developer, Staff

January 24, 2002

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According to the terms of the deal, NCSoft will pay Sony royalties for distributing and managing EverQuest. While NCSoft would not elaborate on what its responsibilities will entail, it probably includes hosting and managing the game servers, providing in-game player support, and handling customer service. EverQuest is planned for a Korean launch later this summer followed by a rollout in Taiwan and Hong Kong next year. What makes the arrangement interesting is that NCSoft already manages a successful online fantasy RPG in Asia that it developed, called Lineage. Lineage is similiar in scope and design as EverQuest, and the company is also about to rollout L2, another online fantasy RPG game. So how it will manage to work as both a partner and competitor to Sony should be interesting. NCSoft stressed that its games and EverQuest will complement each other, not compete.

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