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Sony has issued a terse statement refuting Nintendo's claims that the recent U.S. launch of Game Boy Advance was the most successful console launch in history.

Game Developer, Staff

June 20, 2001

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While a Sony spokesman had previously gone on record to correct Nintendo's claim to the record-setting launch, the company further issued an official statement, saying in part, "While Nintendo must be commended for the sales of their machine, in reality the Playstation 2 sold three times as fast when it was initially launched, and we could have sold as many as three times the amount we achieved had we anticipated the demand." Adding more fuel to the fire, Sony's statement continued: "Also worth pointing out is that the Playstation 2 cannot really be compared with the Game Boy Advance, due to the different price brackets of the systems. The Playstation 2 is a complete multimedia package, and costs four times as much; it's pointless even making a direct comparison." The Playstation 2 cost $299 at launch in the U.S. The Game Boy Advance launched at $99 in the U.S. Sony's statement concluded by saying, "It will however be interesting to see how the Gamecube performs at launch, compared with the Playstation 2. Then, and only then, could some sort of comparison be made."

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