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Softkinetic Forms New Dev Studio For Gesture-Based Games, Reveals First Title

Softkinetic has formed a new studio specifically focused on developing games, content and interfaces for gesture-based game tech -- starting with controller-less rhythm title Silhouette.

Leigh Alexander, Contributor

September 22, 2009

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3D gesture recognition software company Softkinetic has established a new studio specifically focused on developing games, content and interfaces for new gesture-based game technology. The wholly-owned subsidiary's first video game, slated to release in 2010, is Silhouette, a controller-less rhythm title. "In Silhouette, players’ body movements control the gameplay entirely," the company explains. In the game, players are confronted by a series of rapidly-approaching walls and must pose their body to fit their avatar through openings in the wall. Although gesture-based gaming, reliant on 3D cameras, has come to the forefront since Microsoft and Sony introduced their respective tech earlier this summer, Softkinetic didn't specify a platform or input device for Silhouette. But chief strategy officer Eric Krzeslo says the company's software platform, Iisu, provides a "standard development platform that supports all 3D depth sensing cameras, in addition to adaptability for any hardware platform." "Over the years, we have developed unique know-how and expertise in building immersive gesture-based applications, and we have seen an increasing demand not just for our technology – but for applications and content as well," says Krzeslo. "Softkinetic Studios is our answer to this demand."

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