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SGS Feature: 'Serious Games Interactive Interviewed'

Today's main feature written for Gamasutra sister site Serious Games Source talks to Serious Games Interactive CEO Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen about Global Conflicts: Palestine, a social game about "succeedin

Jason Dobson, Blogger

June 26, 2006

2 Min Read

Today's main feature written for Gamasutra sister site Serious Games Source, which deals with games created for training, health, government, military, educational and other uses, takes a look at serious games developer Serious Games Interactive. Specifically, the site spoke with CEO Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen regarding his company, as well as its work on the upcoming serious game for the PC, Global Conflicts: Palestine. In this excerpt, the executive describes Global Conflicts: Palestine, what has gone into its development, and what players can expect when the game ships for the PC and Mac in 2007: "Well, the game has changed very much through the development. It started out as an extremely ambitious project but over the last year we have scaled down a bit. I still feel that there are no similar titles on the market today. We rely quite closely on the adventure and RPG genre, but compared to other serious games that also use this genre we try to keep all game experiences meaningful without ending up separating the game experience and learning experience. Basically, the game is about succeeding as a freelance journalist that has just arrived in Israel. You have to get good stories by exploring the game universe. To get the stories you need to locate the right sources, build up trust and make the right choices. This is basically done by choosing between different options when talking to people in the game universe. In the end, you have to combine the information from your sources into a newspaper article. As you progress, you will find it hard to stay neutral and you are likely to be sucked into the conflict." You can now read the full Serious Games Source feature on the subject, including more regarding Serious Games Interactive and Global Conflicts: Palestine (no registration required, please feel free to link to this feature from external websites).

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