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Sega Debuts Super Monkey Ball for 3DS, To Release Six 3DS Titles

Sega announced plans to release six games for the Nintendo 3DS by the end of its fiscal year 2011, and announced the next entry in the Super Monkey Ball series will be the first title in the list.

Tom Curtis, Blogger

September 30, 2010

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Sega pledged its support for the anticipated Nintendo 3DS by announcing plans to release six titles for the handheld, the first of which will be the next entry in the Super Monkey Ball series. The 3DS Monkey Ball title, for now only known as Super Monkey Ball, will feature many of the same game modes as previous entries in the series, including a single player puzzle mode, and multiplayer races and battles. The game promises to offer multiple control schemes, allowing players to use either the 3DS' motion sensor or touch screen to navigate the game's environments. Sega also notes the game will feature multiplayer via "wireless connection," though the company did not specify whether the game supports Wi-fi or ad-hoc features only. The Super Monkey Ball franchise has sold over 5.5 million units worldwide, reports Sega, and has seen releases on platforms including the GameCube, PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Wii, and iPhone. Sega hopes to release all six of its promised titles by the end of its fiscal year for 2011, and has yet to officially announce the remaining five for the 3DS, though a new Sonic the Hedgehog title is among the list, reports Japanese-centric game site AndriaSang.

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