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SCEA Shuffles Management Team

Sony Computer Entertainment of America announced a change in its management lineup today, positioning itself for a battle in the broadband online game arena.

Game Developer, Staff

July 1, 2002

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The promotions consisted of two new executive VPs, a chief financial officer, and a new "broadband strategy" executive:

  • Andrew House, formerly the senior vice president of marketing, was promoted to executive vice president. In his new position, House will continue to work with the third-party publishers.

    • Jack Tretton, formerly a sales executive, was promoted to executive vice president. Tretton will assume control of SCEA's internal game development group, which Chief Exec Kaz Hirai previously managed.

    • Jim Bass, formerly the vice president of finance, was promoted to CFO.

    • Masayuki Chatani will head the new Broadband Strategy Group, which will work on the Sony's broadband gaming initiatives. Chatani now reports to Ken Kutaragi, head of Sony Computer Entertainment -- SCEA's parent.

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