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Round-Up: Advent Contest Canned, IGN Promotion, New Agetec Titles

- Majesco and Xbox Live have revealed that the previously announced Advent Rising contest to win $1,000,000 <a href=...

Nich Maragos, Blogger

August 16, 2005

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- Majesco and Xbox Live have revealed that the previously announced Advent Rising contest to win $1,000,000 has been cancelled, in the wake of technical issues relating to the game pieces meant to be downloaded over Xbox Live. As compensation, Majesco is offering two free Xbox games to anyone who sends in a copy of an Advent Rising UPC tag along with shipping information and XBL Gamertag; players may choose from BloodRayne 2, Guilty Gear X2 #Reload, Psychonauts, Raze's Hell, and Phantom Dust. Those wanting to redeem their UPC codes must send them in by September 15 to receive the games. - Video game website network IGN Entertainment has announced that Peer Schneider has been promoted to Vice President of Content Publishing. In his new capacity, Schneider will direct IGN's content and production, and plan the overall direction of the network's content. Schneider's positions prior to working for IGN include projects at Sony Music and MTV in their Japanese branches. - Agetec has announced the release of two new titles in long-running series: Armored Core: Nine Breaker and RPG Maker 3, both for PlayStation 2. The new RPG Maker game features the same deep editing tools of the first two titles, while also implementing the "3D doodle" technology from Magic Pengel and the upcoming Graffiti Kingdom. Both titles are currently available in stores. - Also updated today: product news including Exit Games' launch of the Neutron 2.5 mobile middleware, and Ageia's signing of Digital Jesters to use its Ageia physX processor, as well as the latest Gamasutra job postings from companies including 2K Games, Datascope Recruitment, Ensemble Studios, Gameloft, Guerrilla, iWin Inc, Midway Games Australia, Pandemic Studios Australia, Rockstar North, and The Employment Office.

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