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Round-Up: Experimental Games Workshop, Child's Play, Brazil Game Show, Gizmondo

Today's wrap-up includes the opening of submissions for the 2006 GDC's Experimental Gameplay Workshop, news on fresh hospitals supported by the Child's Play game charity ...

Nich Maragos

November 15, 2005

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Today's wrap-up includes the opening of submissions for the 2006 GDC's Experimental Gameplay Workshop, news on fresh hospitals supported by the Child's Play game charity effort, and news on Brazil's upcoming Electronic Game Show, as well as today's product news and Gamasutra job postings. - The Experimental Gameplay Workshop has put out a call for participation in the 2006 edition of the workshop. The event is an independently run mini-conference at March 2006's Game Developers Conference in San Jose that highlights experimental game designs. Those working on projects applicable to the conference, which focuses more on unusual or innovative gameplay rather than graphics or stories, are invited to submit a description of their design the workshop website by Monday, January 17th, 2006. - The annual Child's Play charity effort to donate toys to children undergoing long-term hospital stays has announced specific hospitals as recipients for the newly worldwide effort. In addition to the original Seattle Children's Hospital, there will be participating medical centers in Oakland, San Diego, New Mexico, Tennessee, Nebraska, Hawaii, Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Toronto, and Nova Scotia, with locations to be named in the UK and Australia. To raise money, charity founders Penny Arcade will host a semi-formal dinner at the Meydenbauer Center in Seattle on December 13, featuring live and silent auctions - more information is available on the charity's official website. - The Brazil-based Electronic Game Show is entering its second year with an event from November 18-20, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The event will feature playable Xbox 360 kiosks prior to the worldwide release, as well as a presence from developers both worldwide and local. Electronic Arts will have a booth at the EGS, as well as Brazilian developers such as Hoplon, which will debut its game Taikodom at the show. "We are looking forward to consolidate this show as the biggest and more important event for the videogame industry in Latin America," said organizer Ivan Cordon. "Our purpose is to consolidate the videogame industry." - Gizmondo creator Tiger Telematics has released its latest financial results, revealing that sales of its handheld game hardware and software were $1.5 million for the six months ended June 30, 2005. However, this period only covers the UK launch of the handheld, and the company's accounting has yet to catch up with the recent U.S. launch. Nonetheless, the reporting of a net loss of $220 million for the same period, and the recent resignations of a number of the senior Gizmondo executives, may not bode well for the firm in the long-term. - Also updated today: product news, including PathEngine's announcement of Xbox 360 support for its pathfinding and agent movement SDK, and Nintendo's picking of Actimagine's video codecs for its GBA and DS development SDK, as well as today's Gamasutra job postings, including positions from Freescale Semiconductor, Game Trust, Mad Doc Software, Mattel, and Nintendo of America.

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