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Rockstar's critically and commercially successful Red Dead Redemption will get a full series of downloadable content beginning in August, with four large content packs available for download by fall 2010.

Leigh Alexander, Contributor

July 8, 2010

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Rockstar's critically and commercially successful Red Dead Redemption will get a full series of downloadable content -- sure to be welcome, if not surprising news to fans of the open world Western. Publisher Take-Two said today it'll launch four separate packs of add-on DLC on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network over the next few months. First among these will be the Legends and Killers pack in early August, followed by the Liars and Cheats and Free Roam packs thereafter, and wrapping up with the Undead Nightmare pack this fall. They join the already-released Outlaws To The End co-op mission pack, already available on both consoles' network platforms. "We want to continue to provide Red Dead Redemption’s fans with a steady supply of innovative new content,” says Rockstar founder Sam Houser. "Our goal is to continue to pack as much entertaining gameplay and as many surprises as we can into the massive world of Red Dead Redemption over the coming months.” The packs each include numerous new additions, like multiplayer maps, characters -- including those from the game's predecessor, Red Dead Revolver -- new horse races and even new animals. Adding 9 new map locations, Legends and Killers alone promises to more than double the number of territories in the competitive multiplayer modes. Red Dead Redemption, whose Xbox 360 and PS3 editions took the top two spots on May's NPD software charts, respectively, for a total 1.5 million units in that month alone, despite launching in the later half of May. According to publisher Take-Two, the game has shipped 5 million units to date. GameSpy's ATLUS tracking stats logged collective player time at 17 million hours worldwide within the game's first two weeks.

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