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Reports: Sega to Halt Dreamcast Production

Japan’s Nihon Keizai Shimbun is reporting that Sega will halt production of its Dreamcast console by the end of March.

Game Developer, Staff

January 23, 2001

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According to the report, Sega will refuse new orders for the console as of the start of its fiscal year 2001, and will assemble units only from existing parts, but will continue to develop and publish titles for the machine. News of the Dreamcast’s possible demise follows closely on reports that Sega plans to begin concentrating its energies on creating games for rival platforms, though Sega has yet to confirm or deny either report. In fact, Sega has signaled that Dreamcast will remain at the center of its strategy, with announcements of a Dreamcast broadband adapter and a hard drive set for next week. What Sega has not made clear is whether new peripherals and ongoing publishing support would necessarily mean the continued production of the Dreamcast console itself.

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