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RenderWare Unveils New Product Portfolio

Middleware provider RenderWare has given game developers three more tools to create games with.

Game Developer, Staff

March 6, 2003

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The three new products are:

  • RenderWare Physics 1.0, a multi-platform character-physics modeling engine. Featues will include character physics, rigid body dynamics, flexible architecture and fully configurable joints.

    • RenderWare AI, a multi-platform middleware designed for next-generation game development. Key features will include multi-genre core capabilities, core agents, custom agent and brain scripting, architecture configuration mechanism, tool and time-slicing.

    • RenderWare Graphics 3.5. According to the company, key improvements include include an improved user interface, a new XML-based file format, option template files, and new toolkits for compressed animation and geometry conditioning. Platform-specific improvements will include ADC flag support on PS2 as well as an improved DMA manager, normal map support on Xbox, improved instancing for GameCube and extended vertex array support on PC. Renderware also took the opportunity to preview Studio 1.2, a collaborative game production system that would allow a team to create, view, and tune any genre games simultaneously in real-time on multiple platforms.

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