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Reloaded Studios Debuts, Announces The Day

Korean game company Reloaded Studios has announced its formation from veterans of NCSoft, Phantagram, and Webzen, with a CryEngine 2 MMO time-traveling title The Day planned for a worldwide release in 2010, and the company recruiting heavily intern

Leigh Alexander, Contributor

December 6, 2007

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Korean game company Reloaded Studios has announced its formation, and the commencement of work on its third-person action MMO title The Day, its debut project planned for a worldwide release in 2010. The Day places a heavy emphasis on player-versus-player combat and on storytelling. Set in the near future, The Day finds mankind discovering a way to travel between two connected parallel worlds. Players will be able to travel back and forth between the past and present, and the missions they accomplish in the past will influence the present world. Reloaded also recently announced that The Day will be powered by the Crytek's CryEngine 2 middleware game engine. Reloaded was founded in 2007 by industry veterans from Webzen, NCsoft, Phantagram and Capcom’s Street Fighter comics, with the goal of creating online action games for multiple markets. Former vice president and co-founder of Webzen, Kiyong Cho, now CEO of Reloaded, commented, “We’re designing The Day from scratch as a product for the world market and we are seeking a variety of international influences as a result. Reloaded Studios has an exciting work atmosphere with extremely talented professionals. For The Day, we want to work with the best developers from around the world, not just in a given geographic area.”

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