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PS2 Hits The 50 Million Milestone

Sony announced that it recently shipped its 50 millionth PlayStation 2, a milestone that the PS2 achieved 14 months earlier than its predecessor, the PlayStation.

Game Developer, Staff

January 16, 2003

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As of January 15, the company had sold 50.03 million units worldwide: 12.53 million in Japan, 21.48 million in North America, and 16.02 million in Europe. It sold 8.5 million units alone in the 2002 Christmas season. On the software front, the company revealed that the number of PS2 games has topped 1,500, and that over 300 million PS2 games have been sold worldwide -- an average of six games per console. Over 400,000 units of the PS2 network adapter have been sold around the world since its launch last year.

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