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Product: Softimage XSI Version 6 Released

Avid Technology subsidiary Softimage has announced the <a href="http://www.softimage.com/download">availability of the latest update</a> to its character production softw...

Jason Dobson, Blogger

December 21, 2006

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Avid Technology subsidiary Softimage has announced the availability of the latest update to its character production software, Softimage XSI 6 with a number of new and enhanced features, including a new collaborative framework that assists 3D artists in working together without hindering each other's individual efforts. Key to the additions to Softimage XSI 6 is its newly enhanced rendering core, which has been optimized for increased performance, scalability and extensibility. The software offers integration with the mental ray 3.5 rendering application, and now includes expanded support for the integration of third-party renderers via a new open rendering Application Programming Interface (API). Softimage XSI 6 also includes the ability for artists to ‘distort’ and ‘morph’ images and sequences, as well as Quick Shade, a fast way to preview rendering elements with large scale materials management. The XSI 6 software also includes free DVD training from interactive video and online training company Digital-Tutors. The five XSI software training chapters include: Introduction; Modeling & Texturing; Animation; Animation & Dynamics; Lighting and Rendering – a total of 43 lessons. Softimage XSI 6 supports the .NET framework and includes integrated C#, which has been proven popular with next-gen 3D game developers. The software also offers support for Python, a preferred scripting language used by technical directors for setting up film and visual effects pipelines. Other major updates include a dedicated toolset called Crosswalk that offers the ability to transfer assets to and from other 3D software; MOTOR, a streamlined way to transfer and move animation and motion capture data between arbitrary XSI rigs and other 3D software character rigs; and a new lightweight production-level data referencing solution.

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