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Podcast: Sony Pictures' Mann on Big-Name Mobile Franchises

Today's Gamasutra podcast comes from our <a href="http://www.gdcradio.net/">extensive archive</a> of Game Developers Conference recordings, and features "Big Brands, Small Screens" from GDC Mobile 2006, with a Sony Pictures exec talking on bringing big br

Frank Cifaldi, Contributor

October 23, 2006

1 Min Read

Gamasutra is proud to present a series of weekly podcasts that alternate between two sources under the overarching GDC Radio brand - the Gamasutra podcast, a new original podcast show, and GDC Radio Archives, which will feature exclusively the best lectures, tutorials, and roundtables from this and previous years' Game Developers Conference. Today's GDC Radio lecture comes from our extensive archive of Game Developers Conference recordings. This week's recorded lecture, "Big Brands, Small Screens," comes from GDC Mobile 2006, and is a talk on bringing popular brands (both from console/PC games and other media such as film and TV) into the mobile games space. An extract from the official panel abstract follows: "From classic arcade titles like PAC-MAN to the always popular TETRIS, branded mobile games are starting to become more everpresent on the carriers' respective top ten lists. Even Hollywood properties like Wheel of Fortune, Spider-Man, and Batman Begins are starting to show that well-made titles matched with big brands equal a lot of revenue for everyone involved. This session seeks to highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of working with big brands for mobile games." You can now download the 'Big Brands, Small Screens' lecture (.MP3, 49 minutes, 11.2 MB). [In addition, you can subscribe to GDCRadio.net podcast using iTunes and searching the directory for GDC Radio or by clicking this link. You can manually add the GDCRadio podcast to your iTunes by using the Subscribe to Podcast option from the Advanced menu. When it asks for the URL enter feeds.feedburner.com/GDCRadio.]

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Frank Cifaldi


Frank Cifaldi is a freelance writer and contributing news editor at Gamasutra. His past credentials include being senior editor at 1UP.com, editorial director and community manager for Turner Broadcasting's GameTap games-on-demand service, and a contributing author to publications that include Edge, Wired, Nintendo Official Magazine UK and GamesIndustry.biz, among others. He can be reached at [email protected].

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