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Phantom Launches Game Store, Secures Lapboard Funding

Phantom Entertainment launched its Phantom Gamestore, an online shop not unlike its canceled console, enabling users to purchase and download over 2,600 PC games. The company also revealed that it secured additional financing for its Phantom Lapboard and

Eric Caoili

December 15, 2008

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Phantom Entertainment, formerly Infinium Labs, launched its Phantom Gamestore, an online shop that enables users to purchase and download over 2,600 PC games. Back in 2003, the company aimed to launch a broadband-enabled game console with a similar objective, and the store launch suggests it's still interested in the idea. Featuring titles such as Fallout 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV, Phantom Gamestore allows customers to try the games before buying. The site uses a content licensing management system that tracks all purchased games, with which a user "owns the license forever" and can re-download the game in the future without any additional cost. The company partnered with digital distribution services provider GameStreamer and its "Enterprise Class Gaming Network" to implement the store. GameStreamer added several enhancements tailored for Phantom's service, including a "streaming system", subscription support, timed trials, rentals, and more. Phantom also announced that it secured financing for its Phantom Lapboard, a gamer-targeted product that sits on users' laps and combines a wireless keyboard, laser mouse, and hard surface for PC. The company says it has placed an order with its contract manufacturer to mass manufacture the Lapboard, and that units will arrive in January and will be for sale through its website. In June 2007, Phantom revealed that it picked up a $1.3 million funding agreement to help launch the Lapboard. It had also received an order for a product shipment from computer company Alienware in November 2006, but Phantom was unable to meet unit and delivery needs. According to Phantom, it shipped its first small order of Lapboards last quarter and has made improvements to the product.

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