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The popular messaging service is breaking into the web3 games market.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

November 15, 2022

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Logo for Web3 games platform Game Dosi, image taken from official Twitter account.

Online messaging service Line announced it's getting into web3 through its US subsidiary Line Next and the new platform Game Dosi. Per Game Dosi's Medium post, it'll be positioned as a market for games using web3 and blockchain technology. 

The goal of Game Dosi, according to its business leader Kiwoong Han, is to introduce Line users to new games and "expand the scope of gaming as a whole."

Game Dosi is attempting to draw game developers into the platform with development kits said to be easy to use, allowing for web3 games to be released on a more frequent basis. "Developers can significantly reduce the amount of resources required for development by using the sources provided by us," it wrote.  

More game developers and tech companies in Asia, such as NCSoft, Sony, and Konami, are putting their eggs in the NFT basket. As a chat service, and one that's extremely popular in Japan, Line has an advantage that the two aforementioned game publishers do not, and that's extensive reach.

Line Next was launched in late 2021 as a way for Line to get into the NFT business. Unlike Twitter, whose NFTs are isolated to its own platform, Line Next was made with the express purpose of being a part of the larger NFT market. 

Blockchain and other crypto-related technology is often the subject of intense legal scrutiny, particularly in regards to a country's particular regulations. Complying with those regulations regarding web3 and cryptocurrency is part of Game Dosi's overall business strategy. 

In fact, one of the platform's selling points is a purported capability to "preemptively respond to blockchain regulations" for each country. 

Game Dosi also plans to have frequent regulation checks and risk guides for games released on its platform to avoid any interferences with its business. 

Careful as Line is attempting to be from a legal perspective, its biggest hurdle Game Dosi may face is trying to win over those who aren't already bought into the NFT market. Both players and developers alike have shown an outright hostility to the technology's existence in games. 

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