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Okamoto: 'Not Curious' About New Versions Of Street Fighter Franchise

Talking as part of his in-depth interview with Gamasutra, Street Fighter II creator Yoshiki Okamoto has been discussing the new Capcom-authored entries in the

May 5, 2008

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Author: by Christian Nutt, Staff

Talking as part of his in-depth interview with Gamasutra, Street Fighter II creator Yoshiki Okamoto has been discussing the new Capcom-authored entries in the franchise, suggesting that he is "not curious" about them and adding: "I'm just not interested anymore... I've left that stuff behind." Okamoto is a 20-year Capcom veteran who left to form Folklore, but was the team leader on the original and seminal Street Fighter II, which was the main originator of the one-on-one fighting game genre as we know it today. Discussing the topic as part of the longer interview, the following (edited) conversation took place on the subject of the series - which is returning this year both in the Japanese-developed Street Fighter IV and the Western-created digital download HD Remix of the original Street Fighter II: What do you think of Street Fighter IV? ...Dimps is the company making it, and I share a pretty close proximity with them. Or rather, I should say that the president of Dimps lives in my apartment building, on the same floor, in the unit next to mine... What about the Street Fighter II HD Remix version? I really don't know anything about that version. Also, like I said, I've graduated. You know, from the school of fighting games. I've got no desire to make them right now, so I haven't been keeping up with them at all. I don't even go to arcades anymore to play new fighters when they come out... Is there any particular reason why? I got boooored. (laughs) But that's only natural. I mean, how many countless hours have I played fighting games? I've had calluses on my hands forever from using the controls, and I've finally managed to get rid of them! (laughs) I want to keep myself from returning to fighting games, if I can help it. Even though you're sort of like fighting game royalty? And some people say there's another fighting game fad on the rise. Yeah, I guess there might be. But it just doesn't have anything to do with us, anymore. If I'm asked to help out, or if they want my opinion, I'd be glad to do what I can, but it's not something I want to pursue on my own time. If Sony asked me to be involved, for example, I'd do it because of all that I owe them. But aside from that, I don't have any intention of putting ideas together for any fighting games. I do have to ask, are you happy they're making a Street Fighter IV? Are you happy the series is still alive after all these years? I just don't have any feelings about it. It's like, "by all means. Have at it." But you know, as the father of the series, aren't you curious to see where... YO: That's just it, though. I'm not curious at all. I haven't read any articles about it, and like I mentioned, I don't know anything about this HD remake. I'm just over it. People do ask me about it all the time, and all I can do is repeat that I'm just not interested anymore, that I've left that stuff behind. I feel like if I don't make a clean break, I might just end up dwelling in the past, and I don't want that. I want to keep moving forward. I can't go back to Street Fighter II. That would be like a regression of sorts for me. I mean, it's been how many years since then? Fifteen? It's got to be almost 20 years, now.

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