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Nvidia and Evans & Sutherland today announced a strategic alliance comprising three elements.

Game Developer, Staff

October 17, 2001

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In the new partnership, Nvidia will license its shader technology to E&S, the companies will cross-license their technology, and Nvidia will acquire key 3D graphics patents from E&S. Neither company indicated which E&S patents would acquired by Nvidia, though a list of E&S patents is available here. Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO at Nvidia, stated "the acquisition of these key E&S graphics patents will dramatically enhance our already formidable patent portfolio." E&S recently divested itself from its workstation graphics business in order to focus on creating visual systems for simulation and training. Last month it announced the sale of its REALimage unit to Real Vision, Inc., a Japanese company which has been a partner with E&S in the development of technology for professional video applications.

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