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Gamecube, Xbox, and Game Boy Advance may be the talk of E3, but its an N64 title that leads the way in NPD-TRSTS's list of top ten console game for the month of April.

Game Developer, Staff

May 22, 2001

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  1. Pokemon Stadium 2, N64, Nintendo

  2. Pokemon Silver, GBC, Nintendo

  3. Pokemon Gold, GBC, Nintendo

  4. Kirby Tilt-n-Tumble, GBC, Nintendo

  5. Onimusha Warlords, PS2, Capcom

  6. ATV Off Road Fury, PS2, Sony

  7. Madden NFL Football 2001, PS2, EA

  8. Zone of the Enders, PS2, Konami

  9. Dr. Mario 64, N64, Nintendo

  10. Tomb Raider: Revelation, PSX, Eidos

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